Mr. Francesco Muia

Public Accountant/Licensed Tax Consultant
Staten Island, New York

Mr. Franco Muia has over 20 years of experience in preparing federal and state tax returns for individuals and businesses. Mr. Muia is originally from Siderno, Italy were he graduated from the Institute of Commercial Business with a Major in Accounting.

He worked independently in Italy as an accountant to various privately held firms and corporations assisting in auditing, corporate tax preparations, and generating financial statements before going to work for C.D.A. Center Data Accounting, Inc. as a Supervisor of Public Accountants.

When the time was right, Mr. Muia moved to the United States in 1994, where he has continued his career in Brooklyn, New York.

Mr. Muia is a very knowledgeable Accountant! He has worked with many firms; Cage & Tollner, Inc. (Brooklyn), Person & Co. CPA’s (New York), Murray & Johnson CPA’s (Brooklyn), Richard J. Girasole, CPA (Brooklyn), and John C Muller, CPA (New Jersey) to name a few. He has been responsible for such areas: Individual Tax Preparation, Corporate Tax, Non-profit Organization, Filing Sales Taxes, Audits, Financial Statement Preparations, Payroll, General Ledgers, Cost Reports, Inventory and Sales Analysis. He has also been a supervisor and mentor to many others in his work field.

Mr. Muia makes all of his clients a #1 priority. He believes in true customer service and forming close relationships with his clients. He believes that the better he knows you, the better he can understand your needs and serve you more quickly and efficiently. Though most of his clients are from the greater NYC metropolitan area and surrounding communities he has clients in other US States and European countries.

Mr. Muia is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and his promise is to exceed your expectations.

Please call (917) 519-1162 for more information regarding any of your financial needs.


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